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Get your free Dash! Dash faucet

THIS GAME IS PROVABLY FAIR! Please click on the ROLL button to get your Free Dash. The amount of Free Dash that you get will depend on the number that you roll and paid out according to the payout table below. You can come back and play every hour to win additional Free Dash each time!

0 - 9885 0.00002401 DASH
9886 - 9985 0.00025209 DASH
9986 - 9993 0.00264697 DASH
9994 - 9997 0.02779324 DASH
9998 - 9999 0.29182898 DASH
10000 3.06420427 DASH

What is Dash?

Dash (DASH) is digital cash designed to offer financial freedom to everyone. Payments are instant, easy and secure, with near-zero fees. Built to support real life use cases, Dash is the leading decentralized payment solution. Users can purchase goods at thousands of merchants and trade it at major exchanges and brokers around the globe. Since its creation in 2014, Dash has demonstrated leadership in innovation and pioneered groundbreaking features such as: -Two-tier network with incentivized nodes and decentralized project governance (Masternodes) -Instantly settled payments (InstantSend) -Instantly immutable blockchain (ChainLocks) -Optional privacy (PrivateSend)